Bordeaux to Seville

If you use Google maps to plan a train trip from Bordeaux to Seville, it will either say that the journey is not possible, or send you via Barcelona;

Cologne, Germany April 2016

There's been some negative press about the Refugee crisis and the effects it is having in Germany, and in particular the incidents on New Year's Eve

Hong Kong March 2016

Back in Hong Kong again for a few days at the end of another trip.Spent part of a day walking about aimlessly in Kowloon and then walked the West

War and Unification

Saigon's War Remnants Museum The war remnants museum is really quite raw so be prepared for some pretty horrific imagery.  It's often said that

Ho Chi Minh City March 2016

First day in Ho Chi Minh City was just a gentle meander around various city centre sites.  Something of an orientation and opportunity to get a

New York

Spent the weekend in New York just after the biggest winter storm in years.  It was remarkable how quickly the city had got things moving