Eurostar to Paris


Travelling to Paris via the Eurostar is unbelievably easy compared to the hassle of air travel. I’ve been through the Channel Tunnel in a car or van countless times, but late August 2013 was my first time on the train. This mini-tour of France was intended to use the train as much as possible, so […]

Montenegro – Airlines, The Euro and Car Hire

Fokker 100 at Gatwick

In July 2013, I went on a short holiday to Montenegro,  this is just a summary, there is more to follow. View Larger Map Montenegro If you don’t know it, Montenegro is a small country in Southeastern Europe.  Roughly about half the size of Wales it has a population of around 625,000.  The capital is […]

A new Facebook app for IOS In July?

Whether this is independent of the upcoming IOS6 release which sees greater integration of Facebook into the operating system has not been mentioned. Facebook have restricted access to its mobile site by forcing users to use the various apps for different mobile operating systems. The IOS version has consistently come in for criticism as being […]

The New Nokia Clear View 41 Mega Pixel Camera – On Symbian?


Its well documented that Nokia bet the house on its partnership with Microsoft in 2011. And the Lumia seems to have been well received, particularly in the US. However Windows Phones are still accounting for less than 5% of smartphone sales worldwide. The Lumia 800 is the number one selling phone in Russia Sales of […]

Tips On How To Spend Money Wisely

Credit Cards can help Spend Money Wisely

Having fewer meals from fast food places and other restaurants may upset the kids, but it’s one way to Spend Money Wisely and can help with personal finances.  Saving money when shopping is easier when the ingredients are bought individually and then cooked at home; there is also appreciation for effort taken to create a home-cooked […]

How to get Organised With Money

Getting organised with money

Looking online is a great way to find coupons and discount vouchers offers that might not be available in the local newspapers. If you are on a budget or trying to get organised with money it is key to keep up on any coupons or offers for products you regularly use.  If you are not […]

Why You Should Choose The Nokia E7 Contract Phone

Even before it was unveiled many people waited with bated breath to get the Nokia E7 smart phone. Since its launch it is still a popular phone for both business men and celebrities because of its splendid features. This phone guarantees you the multimedia experience of your life. The phone operates under the common Symbian’3 […]

WordPress 2.9 – What is new


A quick look at Wordpress 2.9